Fills From Other Lash Techs

If you’re a new customer, I deeply thank you for giving me a chance to do your lashes!

If you’re looking to do a fill and the existing set you have on was done by a different lash tech, you will need to choose a new full set service instead at time of booking. This is because it’s difficult for any lash artist to work on lashes done by someone else as we don’t know the diameter, length and type of lash previously utilized. It’s always best for every lash artist to work on a clean canvas, and this is in every client’s best interest to make sure the end result it’s what you expected.

If you’re coming to your appointment with a lash set from a different tech, a lash removal fee ($20) will be applied at the end of your appointment. I understand this can be a hassle, so if you’d like to avoid extra fees my suggestion is to wait until all lashes fall out and then make a full set appointment with me.

Thank you for your understanding!